The Privileged World Of Luxury Apartments in Mumbai
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Mumbai is the destination for luxurious living in India. People come to the city to give flight to their dreams. It’s only natural that they want a lifestyle that matches their ambitions—the reason why the number of people desiring to buy a luxury apartment in Mumbai is increasing every day. Mayfair Housing, a leading real estate company in Mumbai, wants to cater to this new class of homebuyers. In today’s customer-centric market, we are redefining the skyline of Powai with luxurious 2 BHK residences that suit the homebuyers’ taste for space and elegance. 

Here’s a glance at the privileged world of luxury apartments in Mumbai.

Low project density

The USPs of Mumbai’s coveted luxurious apartments include exclusivity, convenience and unmatched space—all these remain intact only when the access is reserved for the select few. That’s why luxury apartments have low project density, giving their residents ample space & freedom to soak in the charming ambience without any interruptions.


Luxury apartments always have a coveted address that is well-connected with the city’s prime locations. Powai Extension is one such location, favoured by homebuyers as a luxury address because of its all-encompassing connectivity to Mumbai, Navi Mumbai & Thane via railways, roadways and metro. It facilitates seamless commute and offers smooth access to business districts like BKC. Owing to its ever-developing infrastructure, it is one of the best addresses for buying a luxury apartment right now.

Panoramic view

At a luxury apartment, you can live those pleasant movie scenes featuring a sea-facing apartment that overlooks the pacing city every day. Its beauty far surpasses the ordinary scenes of life because of an unparalleled view that renews with every blink and soothes your very soul.

A World Of Custom-Designed Amenities

Now, with a luxury apartment comes world-class amenities designed to elevate your everyday lifestyle. They’re built for relaxation, rejuvenation and redefining leisurely hobbies. Here are the most sought after amenities you buy access to with a luxury apartment in Mumbai.

Nature’s Den

Life’s as pleasant as you imagine it in luxurious 2 BHK flats for sale in Mumbai. Your home will have advanced tech fittings, but their outdoors are the most appealing feature. Their landscape is covered in lush greenery with adornments of manicured grass and trees, which invites you to experience nature at its most pleasant. Such greenery will be the haven that you’d want to walk every day.

Wellness Space

The wellness space in luxury apartments is high-tech, and it consists of a gymnasium, yoga studio, aerobics space and meditation centre. They’re so built that you can freely indulge in your health-conscious lifestyle. And should you feel the need, you can even make customized changes to shape the wellness space as per your desires. 

Swimming Pools

Infinity pool and kid’s pool, which top the list of favourite amenities of the majority of homebuyers, are built to provide exclusive experiences in luxury apartments in Mumbai. A dip in the infinity pool ensures that you start your day inspired. It’s also the perfect place to refill the energy that the day’s hustle drains from you. On weekends, you don’t always have to plan outings as you can have a mini-vacation with your family by the pool.

Fully-equipped Clubhouse

You aren’t always in the mood to go outdoors to pass your leisurely time. A luxury apartment in Mumbai wouldn’t be called so if it didn’t offer an all-encompassing lifestyle. Here, with your home, you unlock access to a fully-equipped clubhouse. When the weather isn’t favourable for outdoor activities or your mood doesn’t permit it, you can indulge in spas and popular indoor games inside the clubhouse, thus never allowing anything to suck the fun out of your leisurely desires.

Skyline Amenities

Just when you think that you’ve drenched yourself in enough wonders, luxury apartments come forward with new-gen terrace amenities, including gardens, party decks and star gazing decks. Here, you can rise above the city’s commotion & noise and find the calm everyone’s after.

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