Safety is one of most important elements that everyone seeks. Providing a safe and secured environment is one of the top priorities that Mayfair aims to deliver. Mayfair projects, duly complies with all safety measures and offers the safest housing communities.


At Mayfair, we understand and appreciate the concerns of our customers. We address, consider and analyse the opinions of our customers and offer favourable solutions to them. We appreciate the value that people entrust on us.


Mayfair Housing represents a symbol of reliability that customer can trust with their closed eyes. Having a clear transparency, delivering on promise and sticking to commitment, makes Mayfair Housing one of the most reliable Real Estate developers. A touch of personal belongingness and compassion ensures more trust and reliability.


A home is one of the biggest assets of every home-owner. The grand and luxurious apartments offered by Mayfair Housing, adds an extra value to your asset. The residents of Mayfair communities take pride in calling themselves the owner of something grand.

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