Reasons Why You Should Invest In Mumbai’s Real Estate Right Now
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There aren’t many assets as stable as real estate in Mumbai. The city’s well-developed infrastructure, exceptional connectivity, access to public amenities and reputation for propelling dreams contribute to its iconic status as the ideal location to settle down.

Mayfair Housing, a top 10 real estate company in Mumbai, is on a mission to see that your home appreciates you. Our commitment is not to overlook any of your expectations and deliver to you your dream home on the promised day, date and time. With CODENAME SARA POWAI—one of our most ambitious projects to date, we want you to experience enhanced city life at an accessible price.

 Our city’s real estate is known to be one of the most expensive in the country. But when you look at exceptional projects like CODENAME SARA POWAI in the light of the current home loan interest rate—the lowest in two decades—you know that the real estate market in Mumbai will run on rocket fuel in the following years.

Significant Rise in Launches & Demand

significant rise in launches demand

Q1 2021 put Mumbai at the top of the seven leading Indian cities in the sales of homes. According to an independent report by ANAROCK, Mumbai alone accounted for 35% of the total sales. Alongside the economic recovery being at play here, this uptick is a result of an increase in the number of real estate launches too. As compared to 11,910 new launches in the previous quarter in the MMR region, Q1 2021 saw the launch number rise to 14,820. This report points to the fact that people still feel strongly about buying a home in Mumbai, and the city is on a path to overcome the pandemic lows.

Increasing Home buyer’s Confidence

increasing homebuyer confidence

People always want to buy a home in Mumbai, and their reflections amid the pandemic made them realize the importance of owning one. The rise in real estate launches & demand is propelling Mumbai’s home buyers’ confidence. If such is the case—it looks like it—the real estate demand will continue to rise. And with the government making home loans more affordable, developers offering better amenities and exclusive offers on projects, the pace is set.

Why buy your dream home now?

why buy your dream home now

The continuous rise in the demand for real estate in Mumbai has set the pace for a possible increase in the prices of homes. With inflation following close to this rising demand for homes in Mumbai and the possibility of discontinuation of the low home loan interest rates, the prices may even rise sooner than you’d expect. So, right now is the time to invest in your dream home in Mumbai—as the circumstances favor you.

Where to invest and why Mayfair Housing?

where to invest and why mayfair housing

CODENAME SARA POWAI offers the joy of both modernity and nature. It’s designed to appeal to the connoisseurs of the contemporary lifestyle that’s filled with wealth, health and happiness. Virar is yet another popular real estate destination in the MMR region. CODENAME SARA VIRAR is located in a secured gated community spread across 22 acres of lush greenery. Being a part of Virar Gardens—the suburb’s most ornate township, crowned as the Best Integrated Township—it’s the perfect place to lead your best life uninterrupted. These projects of Mayfair Housing are built on our S.A.R.A ideology, whereby we offer nothing less than homes that are Safe – Appreciating – Reliable – Assets.

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