Big Space And Layout Are The New Buzzwords In Mumbai’s Real Estate
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Consumer behaviour has changed vastly after the pandemic, especially in real estate. Amidst the pandemic, it seemed like real estate would not be able to sustain growth. On the contrary, we saw a whole new trend in housing demand, i.e. the uproar for big spaces and well-planned layouts in homes. Consequently, about 50% of new residential launches in MMR were in the mid and high-end segment in Q3, 2022. 

Because of this changing behaviour, the luxury housing market is propelled at a prodigal pace. Projects priced at Rs. 2.5 Cr and above saw a significant increase in both supply and demand. The changing trends brought in with them two buzzwords in Mumbai’s real estate industry—“big space” and “layout”.

Mayfair Housing is the most dependable real estate brand in Mumbai. We believe in delivering well-designed homes that are apt to cater to the evolving lifestyle needs of all our consumers. As consumer preference has now shifted to bigger homes, we make sure that you get max benefits as well. Every one of our homes comes with a strategically planned layout that is both spacious and serves multiple purposes. 

Here are the underlying reasons that serve as fuel for demand for bigger homes and better layouts. 


Highly Optimised Design

A home with a well-planned layout wins in the details. Every corner is designed for a particular purpose that caters to the needs of every individual in the family. Planned layouts allow the optimal use of space, thus giving birth to the “less is more” blueprint when it comes to the usable area. Moreover, such spaces are easy to customise. So, you can build yourself a library, a gym and more without making huge changes in the overall layout of your home. 


Bigger Lifestyle Opportunities

When you get a bigger home, the lifestyle opportunities are bound to get bigger. Suppose you buy from the line of 2 BHK spacious homes, and its carpet area is bigger than the standard market size. Add a well-planned layout in the mix, and you can easily utilise the 2 BHK as a 3 BHK. Plus, bigger homes open new lifestyle avenues in the form of expansive decks where you can unwind to the best views of the city. Therefore, a well-planned layout serves as a big priority to homebuyers who want exclusive lifestyle benefits.


Dedicated Workspace

Despite office reopenings, people are now actively searching for remote jobs. And this trend serves as a major impetus for the demand for bigger homes. Professionals who work from home need a dedicated space that doesn’t blend in with their domestic life. This isn’t possible with a normal choice of homes as they don’t take the evolving needs into the equation. But a bigger space allows the resident to create a dedicated workspace at a moment’s notice. So finally, you can tune in to work without having to juggle between meetings and domestic calls. 


Luxury Redefined

It is evident now that homebuyers don’t abide by the old lifestyle standards. The market is seeing the emergence of a new lifestyle quotient that is driven by luxury, exclusivity and spaciousness. These needs are met only by bigger homes that celebrate the new-age lifestyle demands. 


For the modern buyer, a home isn’t a home if it doesn’t come with a scenic deck, workspace area and a spacious layout. These demand triggers are only becoming more dominant, so the demand for homes with big spaces and well-planned layouts will continue to grow, at least in the near future.

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