A Know-It-All Guide To Real Estate In Bandra
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Bandra—Queen of the suburbs is one of the city’s most well-rounded lifestyle hubs. Just the name brings to mind some of the most alluring luxury apartments in Mumbai, happening bars, clubs for the ultra-rich, an eternally coloured nightlife, and run-ins with celebs. 

The suburb has undergone one of the most exciting evolutions known to Mumbai. The historic elements still reside, enchanting onlookers like a pleasant surprise. It’s the undying charm of Bandra. The cosmopolitan now is home to an ambitious group of people who want the best in life and won’t settle for anything less. 

Being a host to some of Mumbai’s most privileged residents, Bandra now attracts connoisseurs of the posh life who want sea-facing apartments, a most sought-after commercial address, happening infrastructure and access to the singular blend of history and modernity. Now, you already know what to expect from Bandra…still, here’s a taste of the bespoke life.

Burgeoning social infrastructure

The burgeoning social infrastructure, built to serve the refined taste of its cosmopolitan populace, has a long chain of cafes and juice bars to serve your morning thirst for a fresh rush. Raheja College, Petit High School, Rizvi College, etc., have their names etched as prominent educational institutions. There’s no shortage of luxury boutiques and vibrant shopping streets to serve your shopping taste. To the delight of your taste buds, you can explore an exotic range of restaurants like Hakkasan, Ming Ying, Vista, etc. You won’t be disappointed, especially when the day goes to sleep. Monkey Bar, Bar Stock Exchange, Radio Bar and Social will keep you amply engaged after lights out. 

360-degree connectivity 

Due to the vicinity to the Worli-Sea link, you can be en route to South Bombay within the limits of an hour. Its locational advantage when it comes to Bandra Kurla Complex (BKC) is envied by every emerging suburb. Western Express Highway (WEH) and Santacruz-Chembur Link Road (SCLR) keep you connected to other suburbs. Furthermore, you can access Thane and Navi Mumbai via trains and WEH. Upcoming projects like the Coastal Road, Metro Line 3, also known as Colaba-Bandra-Seepz Line, and Bullet Train will solidify its reputation of 360-degree connectivity.

Commercial icon

Bandra Kurla Complex challenged the South Bombay monopoly as a coveted commercial address. It changed the financial playing field completely. With the emergence of BKC, Bandra became the beating heart of India’s financial zones. Today, it is the place of calling for corporate professionals, artists, young entrepreneurs, etc. Tata Consultancy Services, Accenture, Amazon, Deloitte, J.P. Morgan, Wipro and other global businesses fill up the corporate shindig of BKC. This throbbing commercial icon has an equally happening complementary infrastructure, placing it levels above typical commercial spaces.


Bandra’s emergence as the Queen of Suburbs has propelled the standard of living significantly. Posh localities like Pali Hill, Bandstand, Carter Road, etc., flaunt their allure to attract a diverse range of homebuyers today. 

Name of LocalityApproximate Price per square foot
Pali HillRs. 38000 – Rs. 60000
Carter RoadRs. 35000 – Rs. 50000
BandstandRs. 40000 – Rs. 60000
Mount Mary’sRs. 30000 – Rs. 45000

The above locations host some of the most high-end luxury apartments in Mumbai. From sea-facing apartments to drone-view decks, you can get it all.

Future development

The throbbing social infrastructure of Bandra, which has already seen more than its fair share of development, keeps on evolving. Upcoming projects like the Coastal Road, Metro Line 3 and Bullet Train will further the developmental prospects soon. Affluent homebuyers now rushing to the suburb are bound to see exponential appreciation on their investments.

Mayfair Housing, a leading real estate company in Mumbai, is ready to add another jewel to its crown of Bandra development. A masterpiece like no other—Inspired By You—is getting ready to serve the masters. The inspired revelation is coming soon.

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