5 Sustainable Construction Techniques: How You Build is as Important as What You Build
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It is estimated that 30% of the total construction material goes to waste. Meaning, in every 100 pounds of the material brought to the site, 30 pounds go to waste. Numbers show that by 2025, 2.2 billion tons of construction waste will be generated. This creates high pressure to recycle, reuse and repurpose.

To stop this tragic cycle, it is essential to step into sustainable methods while constructing and using materials that are verified for executing such processes. In India, many top construction professionals are now using eco-friendly and sustainable techniques to prevent pollution and the wastage of materials.


Here are some modern sustainable construction techniques that can potentially revolutionise real estate


Modular Construction

Nowadays, developers and realtors are widely using this advanced construction technique for better sustainability to design and deliver structures faster, with quality and efficiency. Modular structures are built within a controlled environment where the wastage is minimised, and this results in better waste & pollution control. Here the developers also keep quality, material usage and reliability in control which results in the high-end quality of the delivered project.


Introducing Green Buildings Materials

Using Green Building materials is one of the most popular sustainable building construction techniques.The sources of these materials are from areas with renewable resources and can be recycled when the project reaches its lifespan.

The sources of such sustainable construction materials and techniques are usually from sustainable forests like timber forests. The alternative can be sourcing these materials from innovative manufacturers. The ones who produce such materials so efficiently and also help reduce harmful emissions to the atmosphere. Concrete and steel are two prominent examples that can be produced via the eco-friendly manufacturing process.


Zero Energy Construction 

Zero Energy Construction, aka Net Zero Energy, is the process of making structures with zero energy consumption. It means the total energy used to create a structure equals the renewable energy generated at the site.

Developers and construction companies are adapting this technique to deliver durable and sustainable structures at affordable costs.

Here are some steps which are part of this technique:

  • Usage of renewable resources such as wind and solar systems
  • Proper air ventilation systems which eliminate harmful emissions from the surroundings.
  • Installing materials that prevent leaking of air and noise pollution
  • Usage of energy-efficient indoor appliances. 


Flexible Space Design to improve functionality

Flexible construction is also a great sustainable way to create construction space that serves more than one purpose.

Realtors are developing infrastructures that serve as offices and also even as homes. Other examples include reception areas being used as lounges and retail spaces used as community areas like banquets. 

This technique saves the material to make different structures for different uses, saving cost, time and waste of materials. 


Durable Construction

Sustainable construction also includes making durable and resilient structures. Regions with climate change concerns like cyclones, floods and earthquakes have made use of this technique on a vast scale.These structures are made in such a way that they can survive natural calamities and prevent the wastage of material used. Construction companies have been strategising to use this technique which involves renewable materials.

In India, developers are actively innovating with these sustainable construction techniques, and it does not only aim to save the environment but also to save costs and deliver quality and efficient projects to the city.

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