5 Factors That Make Luxury Apartments In Mumbai The Epitome Of Opulence
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Who isn’t after the status-defining assets—known as luxury apartments in Mumbai? A spacious home that screams a grand lifestyle the moment you step in, amenities that match your desires & dreams and an unmatched stature in terms of elegance and wealth. Such is the composition of luxury apartments in Mumbai.

They offer a unique lifestyle, the perfect opportunity to luxuriate in riches. Now, as people are earning more, aiming for new living standards, they also want to push the boundaries of the glory and luxury of homes. And to match these demands of home buyers, here are the singular factors that real estate developers have added to already luxurious apartments to place them at the epitome of opulence.



Luxury apartments in Mumbai have a pinpoint location in only the most coveted addresses in the city. Codename Sara Powai—a 33-storey marvel—stands tall with one of the most luxurious resumes in the region. Such projects lead with an example when it comes to strategic locations, social infrastructure, exclusive connectivity web and future developmental scope. Not only are they located close to railway stations, airports and business districts, but also close to mother nature to offer the luxury of peace—a haven away from the commotion.

Extravagant Indoor and Outdoor Spaces

extravagant indoor and outdoor spaces

Contemporary stylistic indoors with tech-savvy fittings form one part of luxury apartments in Mumbai, the other being the exotic outdoors that offer a plethora of excitement. People now aspire to a lifestyle that includes rejuvenating walks on the hues of nature, poolside lounging, and stargazing from a terrace deck that meets the sky. They are in search of homes that fulfil their needs of comfort and their fancies for entertainment.

Ultra-modern Amenities

ultra modern amenities

Small patches of greenery and kid’s play areas aren’t enough anymore. Homebuyers are drawn to luxury apartments because they offer exclusive crystal-like swimming pools, world-class gyms, jogging tracks, meditation & yoga centres, indoor & outdoor games infrastructure, and sweet hangout spots for family outings. Such amenities perfectly suit the taste of the burgeoning class of homebuyers who want a lifestyle meant to leave the ordinary in the days past.

A Surreal View

a surreal view

Imagine opening your eyes to the mellowest of sunlight and daily sipping on the enchanting view of the city when it’s finding its sync alongside your coffee. With your balcony opening to your very own drone view of the city, overlooking calming greenery and the breathtaking sea, a luxury apartment in Mumbai never fails to stimulate your senses with the best view in the city that is exclusive to your eyes.

Technology and Design

technology and design

A big part of the charm of luxury apartments in Mumbai is the cutting edge technology used in their interiors and their environment-friendly design. They’re built with high-quality materials and feature new-gen interior designs, advanced security systems and ample parking spaces. In a nutshell, luxury apartments have got even the finer details right for the owner’s comfort, convenience and security.

We know that today home buyers want to experience a new way of living. Fulfil all your desires of grand comfort and luxury in homes by Mayfair Housing to live your best life uninterrupted.

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