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Organization Growth

Mayfair Focus

Leadership Focus – Message From CEO’s Office

Mr.Nayan A. Shah

“We focus only on Residential development by redevelopment of CHS or by purchasing land. We are committed to complete projects and give possession with OC as per the target dates.”

Mayfair Star

Company Credentials

  • Since 1964; 52 years in the Real Estate Industry.
  • Transparency in Title + Carpet Area + Approval + Possession + Pricing.
  • 1st Developer to get Approval under amended DCR (2012).
  • 1st Developer to have completed a project under amended DCR (2013).
  • 1st Developer to voluntarily comply to Proposed Maharashtra Housing Regulatory Authority Act 2012 (State).
  • 1st Developer to voluntarily comply to Real Estate (Regulation & Development) Bill 2011 (Central).
  • 1st Developers to sale on carpet area.
  • 1st Developers to get a APF from a leading HFC.
  • 1st Developers to get construction finance for generating of TDR from a leading HFC.
  • 1st Developers to get generate TDR handing over the land by the conveyance route.
  • 1st Developers to announce in advance to day, date, time, possession with Occupation Certificate.
  • 1st Developers to get amenity TDR equal to the area developed.
  • 1st developers from Mumbai to venture to do Real Estate Business in Baharain.
Mayfair Key

Growth Strategy

Mayfair Housing committed to complete projects and give possession with OC
as per the target dates. – Team Mayfair

This requires Mayfair Housing to build a working culture which can be described as:

  • Build up as a Reliable Brand which delivers projects on time.
  • Focus on delivering quality projects on the target dates.
  • Responsibility & Completion the BOSS is.
  • Demanding performance with a positive approach.
  • Result oriented specific approach.
  • Honest, smart, intelligent and proactive solutions.
  • Unique organisation which works proactively with various stakeholders and getting the output required.
  • Very supportive management for innovative ideas and taking correct decisions.
  • Hands on the job approach.
Mayfair Support

Mayfair’s Supportive Policy

  • Resources given to the employees.
  • Empowered to take decisions.
  • Empowered to be a leader.
  • Empowered to be a proactive person.
  • Empowered to be a team member.
  • Empowered to build teams.
  • To bring new ideas, plan and execute to deliver.
  • Empowered to take ownership.
  • Empowered to express confidence to the stakeholders.
Mayfair Employee Strength

Employee Strength

Mayfair housing has an integrated team of 140 employees for redevelopment which consists of Construction, Customer Care, Approvals, Business Development, Quality, Architecture, Research & Survey, Legal, Sales & Marketing, Finance, Purchase, IT, Admin and Human Development. This team has been proactively working together for years now due to which the team members stay with organisation for a longer period.

Mayfair Benefits

Benefits Offered

Mayfair housing offers benefits like Provident Fund, Bonus, Gratuity, Privilege-Casual-Sick leave, Mediclaim, Personal Accident and Term Assurance policies to employees in addition to the standard allowance structure.

Mayfair List of Projects

Mayfair Housing strategizes on ensuring world class quality assurance and quality control, modern construction techniques, workmanship, site supervision and best raw materials.