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About Mayfair

Mayfair Housing is in the business of real estate development since 1964. It works with the true task concepts and techniques in all around functions of the business i.e. construction techniques, architectural or management.

Mayfair Housing has a team of dedicated executives and personnel. Mayfair not only believes in hiring the services of well-qualified people but also imparts training to its staff, which has been the key reason for Mayfair Housing being one of the well managed businesses in the industry.

Mayfair Housing has predominantly concentrated on developing residential houses in and around the suburbs of Mumbai, Mumbai Metropolitan Region and Bahrain.

TDR (Transferable Development Rights) is a concept designed to have a win-win solution for development of land reserved for public purpose as well as solve the alarming problem of shortage in urban housing as well as aid in urban renewal and redevelopment. The concept of TDRs not only provides for houses but also provides public utility facilities, which are the major need of the day being infrastructural facilities.

Development of infrastructural facility is one of the priorities in the development list of State and Central Government. Mayfair Housing was among the first few companies to recognize the potential of TDRs to the housing industry as also the contribution made by the concept of TDR to the Societies at large and as a result apart from developing residential complexes in Bombay it has diversified into developing reserved lands (reservation being in the nature of public road, recreation ground, school, retail markets, etc) and obtained TDRs. Such TDRs enable a person to use to construct additional space/premises at other locations.

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Mayfair Working Environment
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Mayfair Housing focuses on building a work culture which is described as

  • Build up as a Reliable Brand which delivers projects on time.
  • Focus on delivering quality projects on the target dates.
  • Responsibility & Completion the BOSS is.
  • Demanding performance with a positive approach.
  • Result oriented specific approach with expectations.
  • Honest, smart, intelligent and proactive solutions.
  • Unique organisation which works proactively with various stakeholders and getting the output required.
  • Very supportive management for innovative ideas and taking correct decisions.
  • Hands on the job approach with continuous guidance from seniors and team members.
  • Encourage of our team to be transparent ethics and straightforward.
  • Highly integrated teams who work proactively to meet the desired targets.
  • Open environment which is employee friendly to express their views and innovative ideas.
  • Transparent and clear interactions within the teams and the stakeholders.
  • Recognition on the job that enhances the growth prospects of the team member.
  • Commitment and passion towards the job for high satisfaction level.
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Residential Development is our only focus:

Three main pillars of development:

  • We Understand.
  • We Accept.
  • We Are Approachable.
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Company Credentials

  • Since 1964; 52 years in the Real Estate Industry.
  • Transparency in Title + Carpet Area + Approval + Possession + Pricing.
  • 1st Developer to get Approval under amended DCR (2012).
  • 1st Developer to have completed a project under amended DCR (2013).
  • 1st Developer to voluntarily comply to Proposed Maharashtra Housing Regulatory Authority Act 2012 (State).
  • 1st Developer to voluntarily comply to Real Estate (Regulation & Development) Bill 2011 (Central).
  • 1st Developers to sale on carpet area.
  • 1st Developers to get a APF from a leading HFC.
  • 1st Developers to get construction finance for generating of TDR from a leading HFC.
  • 1st Developers to get generate TDR handing over the land by the conveyance route.
  • 1st Developers to announce in advance to day, date , time , possession with Occupation Certificate.
  • 1st Developers to get amenity TDR equal to the area developed.
  • 1st developers from Mumbai to venture to do Real Estate Business in Baharain.
Mayfair Palms

Mayfair's Supportive Policy

  • Resources given to the employees.
  • Empowered to take decisions.
  • Empowered to be a leader.
  • Empowered to be a proactive person.
  • Empowered to be a team member.
  • Empowered to build teams.
  • To bring new ideas, plan and execute to deliver.
  • Empowered to take ownership.
  • Empowered to express confidence to the stakeholders.
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Mayfair Next Ten Years

Mayfair see that by year 2027, out of the 30 companies that from the BSE Index, 5 companies will be Real Estate Companies and one out of those five Real Estate Companies will be "MAYFAIR".


  • Mayfair has always prioritized the needs of its customers and has been doing business keeping their interest in mind.
  • It has developed a specialty on Redevelopment.
  • Mayfair has predominantly concentrated on developing residential houses in and around the suburbs of Mumbai.
  • Area of Operational will be in MMR, Bahrain.
  • Product will be Affordable Housing, Cluster Development, Rehab Oriented Development, township, redevelopment, Plotted development.
  • Mode of development will be Joint Venture & Joint Development/ Development Manager promote amongst land owner.
  • Earning by sharing model "MAGARPATTA Township Development Model".
  • Invite a pension fund or any one similar to hold equity in Mayfair who is keen to build an enterprise and are not in a hurry to exit.
  • Four pillar: cap on profit margin, delivery of commitment, transparency and quality workmanship.
  • Mayfair believes in very simple technique of Management without any jargons . It's a one line philosophy, one line strategy "serve the customers with respects, comply to the regulation".
  • Respect the stakeholders build strong relationship with them and let the business grow & prosper.
Please contact our CCO/CEO Mr. Nayan Arvind Shah
Office Land line No : 022 6723 2300