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Mayfair Housing’s SARA

Mayfair Housing’s SARA

Over 50 years ago, a small business started off with the aim to provide dream homes to its customers. Only the best and quality homes would be delivered was the commitment then.

Today that commitment has made us a brand that most home owners want to associate with. Mayfair Housing stands for lucidity, authenticity and offering technologically advanced and convenient home spaces. Our primary role has been raising the standard of living of people and at the same time designing houses that serve as someone’s dream home. Mayfair Housing has always believed that people, not the company, is the brand that matters most.

So we have come up with SARA – a unique abbreviation that sums up our ideologies and philosophies behind five decades of hard work and integrity. SARA stands for SAFE APPRECIATING RELIABLE ASSETS.

SAFE – Home is synonymous to SAFETY; nobody likes a scary house. People like to feel secure in their home that is how they achieve mental peace and good health. Thus Mayfair Housing has always strived to incorporate the utmost safety standards in construction.

APPRECIATING – No success comes in solitude. With decades of experience under our wings, we have constantly made efforts to reach to our audience and always been open to suggestions. We have addressed, considered and analyzed opinions of our customers and offered them favourable solutions. We value the faith that people entrust in us.

RELIABLE – For years Mayfair Housing has made timely deliveries, stuck to its commitments and offered more than expectations while keeping utmost transparency. Sincerity and hard work is bound to earn you trustworthiness and that is what makes us strong and stand tall today. We have people’s conviction in us and this is our prized possession.

ASSETS – A home is an asset that most people just buy once in their lifetime. Mayfair Housing promises to offer the most luxurious and convenient homes in desired budgets. We add value to your homes by offering much more than just walls and paint. Our residents take pride in living in our projects and that is the ultimate honour for us.

Posted on 01st August, 2017


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